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Coastal Property Owners in Rhode Island
Climate Change Checkup for RI Costal Property Homeowners
Costal Property Owners Services for RI Homeowners
Invasive Species Services for RI Homeowners

Coastal Property Owners in Rhode Island

NRS helps you navigate Rhode Island coastal regulations

If you own a home or land along the Rhode Island coastline, you need to know about the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). This agency oversees the state’s land-use regulations for any construction within 200 feet of the coast. The CRMC regulations are comprehensive, progressive and change with regularity. It is a daunting task for any homeowner to try to navigate the CRMC rulebook. This pressure will disappear with a call to Natural Resource Services.

Climate Change Checkup®

Our mission is to help coastal property owners protect their homes against the growing threat of climate change. When you work with the Climate Change Checkup® Team, we will identify your property's vulnerabilities to sea level rise and craft an individualized solution within the parameters of your state's coastal regulations.

Visit www.climatechangecheckup.com for more information. >>>

Comprehensive Delineation Services

NRS offers expert advice and service in every area of freshwater or coastal wetland delineation. Rhode Island has set specific rules for the entire gamut of coastal projects. Contact Natural Resource Services and let us answer your questions and develop a permit strategy to get you through your particular process:

•  New home builds
•  Boat docks
•  Tree removal
•  Home component replacement

Your NRS Expert: Biology

Scott Rabideau is one of the most experienced and respected coastal biologists in the State of Rhode Island.
He has secured hundreds of CRMC permits for NRS clients over a 25-year career. Call or email Scott at Scott@nrswetlands.com to discuss your specific coastal regulatory question.

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