Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony, with Real-Life Courtroom Experience

A Wetlands Professional in Your Corner

Many projects require the proponent to engage qualified experts to provide testimony before local boards and commissions or even state agencies. Scott Rabideau has been qualified as an expert in wetland science, wildlife biology and soil science before numerous local boards throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. He has given expert testimony at state administrative hearings as well.

Diverse Expertise

Scott has also been qualified as an expert before district and superior courts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, as well as federal bankruptcy court. He is sought after by clients to testify at complex hearings because of his knowledge, recognized expertise and presentation style (just ask anyone who has seen Scott present testimony).

Team Testimony

Of course, Scott isn't the only NRS staff biologist available to provide expert testimony. Edward Avizinis is also a qualified expert, having a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science. Whether your project is a single family home, coastal marina, residential subdivision or industrial complex, the NRS team can provide you with the expert advice and testimony needed to achieve your final objective; a permit for your project.

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