GIS Capabilities

Delineation Graphics

NRS provides custom GIS graphics to accompany all delineation reports provided to our clients. These graphics are useful for preliminary planning purposes and for locating delineation flagging. NRS is also available to record and incorporate GPS data into these graphics upon request.

Habitat Mapping

In some cases, agencies require detailed habitat assessments which evaluate project impacts on native flora and fauna. Wildlife biologists at NRS will utilize GIS technology to prepare detailed habitat maps to submit as part of your application package.

Historic Aerials

While changes in landscape may not be readily visible in the field, NRS staff consults with historic aerial images to identify changes in topography, vegetative cover and other disturbances. Providing empirical historic data on the changes in land use can be an essential tool for project planners and for assessing potential wetland violations.

Sea Level Rise

Regulators are increasingly requiring prospective applicants to consider sea level rise scenarios with their design choices. Utilizing STORMTOOLS as required by the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, NRS can apply sea level rise projections to your coastal property overlain on GIS graphics.

Your NRS Expert: GIS Graphics

Kayleigh Actis is the GIS coordinator at NRS. With over ten years of experience working with ArcGIS, Kayleigh provides custom GIS graphics tailored to our client's needs. Contact Kayleigh at if you have any questions or are interested in retaining NRS for any GIS work.

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