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Homeowners and Habitat Restoration
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Homeowners and Habitat Restoration

Don’t take on restoration and regulation alone

There are thousands of acres of degraded freshwater and coastal resources throughout southeastern New England. Individual homeowners oftentimes want to take on the challenge of restoring these wetland landscapes to improve their property values and create valuable wildlife habitats. Natural Resource Services specializes in assisting landowners with the proper design of a habitat restoration and most importantly, prepares the required permit application for your state’s regulatory agency.

Good Intentions Only Go So Far

Habitat restoration projects must be analyzed and designed in accordance with acknowledged scientific principles. This process is a must for both successful results and acquisition of relevant regulatory permits. It doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the implementation of a professional habitat restoration plan will save you money. The intent of an NRS design is to restore the habitat in an efficient, cost effective manner. NRS will assist you in any design and restoration plan:

Start Early, Save Money

In today’s complex regulatory landscape, proactivity pays off. Contact NRS early to identify and delineate the coastal and freshwater wetlands on your property. You will save time and money if proper delineation is performed at the onset. This will guide your other design professionals on which areas to avoid, keeping the project on point and frustration minimal in working with:

•  Eroding coastal bluffs
•  Ponds choked with weeds
•  Disappearing dunes or beaches
•  Blocked coastal inlet breaches

Your Habitat Restoration Expert

NRS has developed restoration projects for degraded habitats throughout his professional career. We also provides valuable oversight for property owners during the implementation phase of the project. Call or email Scott at Scott@nrswetlands.com with specific questions about your habitat restoration project.

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