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Permitting Services for RI Homeowners
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Permitting Services for Homeowners

Personalized Service from Natural Resource Services

At NRS, the answers to your permit questions are a phone call away. In addition to our team of professional biologists, NRS employs a full-time permit coordinator, available for your every regulation inquiry.

We’ll Handle the Permits

Your hands are full enough with completing your project; you shouldn’t have to carry the regulatory burden as well. Employing a wetland permit coordinator allows Natural Resource Services to provide you with an efficient and cost effective method for preparing freshwater or coastal wetland applications for your project. NRS will coordinate all aspects of your project permit submission.

We Work with Your Project Team

We will communicate regularly with your engineer, architect and other design professionals to avoid wasted effort and save you money. We will fill out all the necessary paperwork and secure all of the ancillary information. This includes abutters lists, which are required to ensure a complete submission package. Whether you live in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut you can count on our experience to properly prepare any wetland permit application.

Your NRS Expert: Permits

Scott Rabideau’s regulatory expertise is well-utilized in his work as Permit Coordinator at NRS. He has prepared hundreds of wetland application packages for land owners in all 3 states. Best of all, he is available each work day to answer your questions just by calling our office. Contact Scott@nrswetlands.com for any questions relating to the wetland permitting process.

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