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Are you planning to build an addition, install a dock or clear trees on your property in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut?

Homeowners are often zealous when it comes to expanding their homes or building on their land, but it’s essential that you take proper precautions to protect the environment and work within state regulations when completing these projects. Luckily, NRS can make the process simple for you with our comprehensive delineation and permitting services.

Your Partner in Environmental Protection

Wetlands are a crucial part of the ecosystem here in New England. Not only do these water-saturated plots of land provide homes for an array of wildlife, but they are also instrumental in feeding local rivers, trapping floodwaters, maintaining groundwater levels and removing pollution from the environment.

For these reasons, regulatory agencies around the country have taken steps to protect wetlands and maintain their integrity. The zoning and permitting processes required to build near wetlands are often complicated and confusing. That’s why homeowners turn to NRS - so they can work with experienced professionals who can identify and preserve local wetlands while still pushing your project forward.

Homeowner Services from NRS

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