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Why Do I Need Wetland Delineation?

Understanding the delineation process

Delineation is performed to physically mark the limit of a regulated wetland on a person’s property. The finished product, sometimes referred to as flagging, consists of colored ribbons or wooded stakes set by a professional wetland biologist on your land. A surveyor usually locates these points and transfers the information onto a site plan. Once delineation has been performed, a homeowner knows where the wetland begins and can measure the required buffer zone from the established flagging.

Vetting Vacant Properties

On vacant land, a property owner should not perform any land clearing activities within the identified wetland or buffer zone. Consult with Natural Resource Services staff before engaging in work within the regulated areas on your property. Our professional staff will guide you through the land-use regulations established by your state environmental agency.

Start Early, Save Money

In today’s complex regulatory landscape, proactivity pays off. Contact NRS early to identify and delineate the coastal and freshwater wetlands on your property. You will save time and money if proper delineation is performed at the onset. This will guide your other design professionals on which areas to avoid, keeping the project on point and frustration minimal in working with:

•  Engineers
•  Architects
•  Land surveyors
•  Landscape architects

NRS Knows Southeastern New England

NRS staff biologists have delineated literally thousands of acres of wetlands throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Standards and regulations differ from state to state, a challenge for which our team of professionals is uniquely qualified. NRS employs professional wetland biologists, wildlife biologists and soil scientists to provide the most comprehensive wetland consulting services to our clients.

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