Invasive Species Management

Homeowners and Invasive Species Management

Your Plan of Attack for Invasive Species

Invasive plant species are becoming alarmingly common place throughout southeastern New England. Landowners who want to be good stewards for their landscape often wage war on invasive plant species. Success is never assured, but you increase your odds of ridding your wetland property and project of invasive plants by engaging qualified professionals. Treating invasive plants requires scientific insight into a species' natural history and life cycle.

What Invasive Species are You Dealing With?

The first step in any successful invasive species management plan is to inventory all plants. NRS will identify, count and catalogue the flora throughout the affected area. This approach will allow the staff biologist to first, develop an effective treatment program and second, determine what non-invasive plants formerly grew throughout the area. After removal or treatment of the invasive species, a successful plan calls for the re-establishment of a native plant community adapted to the local environment.

Know Your Options for Invasive Species in RI, MA and CT

Don't just start blindly spray chemicals or clearing out invasive plants. Why use herbicides if mechanical removal will work? Why waste countless hours pulling plant roots when the only effective treatment is a chemical application? Natural Resource Services takes a holistic approach to develop a scientific plan for a landowner to execute in the war on invasives.

Permits for Purging Invasive Species

Sometimes managing invasive plant species requires a permit. Whether you are in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut, the NRS team of professionals will make sure that any invasive species plan developed will meet all of the individual state's regulatory requirements. You will be assured of a comprehensive wetland permit submission for your project. Perhaps more importantly, NRS staff will provide guidance and oversight to the individuals charged with implementing the vegetation management plan.

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