Habitat Evaluations

Habitat Evaluations, Impact Assessments and Mitigation Plans

NRS Helps You Identify and Overcome Your Project Challenges

It is inevitable that certain projects have to alter regulated wetlands, but that doesn't mean a project has to be abandoned. It means as the design professional you need to ensure that the wetland impacts have been properly evaluated and your final design has a comprehensive impact mitigation component. NRS will provide you with the expertise needed to successfully permit projects which alter wetlands in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Delivering Your Best Outcome

The first step is to have a wetland and wildlife habitat evaluation performed. This service is a staple for the NRS team. Our staff will assess and map all the affected wetlands, identifying locations where wetland alterations will be less troublesome. This evaluation will be performed in accordance with the rules and policies of the individual state. A detailed report is generated which will satisfy even the most stringent regulatory authority.

Respecting The Environment

NRS can also develop a mitigation plan to offset impacts resulting from the wetland alteration. This mitigation plan may be as simple as buffer plantings or as complicated as designing a new wetland to replace to lost resource area. Let our staff biologists work with your design team to develop an acceptable and cost effective mitigation plan for the project.

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