Permitting Services

Permitting Services for Design Professionals

Accelerate Your Dragging Permit Process

No project can begin until the wetland permit is in-hand. This is often the most frustrating wait for any design professional. Reduce the wait by including NRS as part of your project's design team!

Eliminating The Permit Hassle in RI, MA and CT

Our job isn't limited to wetland delineation. Scott Rabideau has successfully permitted hundreds of projects during his 25 years or practice in southeastern New England. Scott's inclusion in the planning phase saves you time and money. A comprehensive permit strategy developed by Scott provides a road map for the project which will reduce the time needed for reviews by state and local agencies.

Your Permit Coordination Experts:

NRS will also handle any aspects of wetland application preparation and submission. A full-time permit coordinator is available to assist clients in the preparation of any portion of an application to a regulatory agency. Or, you can simply subcontract NRS to handle the entire process. NRS works diligently with regulatory bodies coordinating wetland permits on behalf of our clients. We are available full-time for any client wishing to discuss their project's application process. Call or email NRS Wetlands during business hours to get your project moving!

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