Wetland Delineations

Wetland Delineation Services for Design Professionals and Other Related Industries

Thorough Reporting for Your Project

Our report of findings will describe and classify all wetlands identified by NRS. A discussion of the state regulations affecting the property is always part of our work product. Buffer zones and setbacks applicable to the circumstance are explained in text as well as chart form. An aerial graphic and USGS topographic map with the site location identified is included as an appendix to any NRS report of findings.

NRS Technology

All NRS staff biologists are trained to use hand-held GPS units. Our equipment can be employed to locate points to a sub meter level of accuracy. The work product is in no way representative of a professional survey and should only be used for preliminary planning purposes or mapping wildlife habitats.

Regulation-Compliant Delineations

NRS personnel perform field delineations in accordance with the regulatory standards found in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut's wetland statutes. Natural Resource Services is also qualified to establish wetland edges using the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual. Wetland delineation data forms are provided to our clients at no additional cost on an as needed basis.

Up-Front, Consistent Pricing

Most importantly, NRS provides clients with a firm price quote prior to engagement. This price is the most competitive you will find from a full-staffed, professional services firm. It will allow you to keep your outside consultant costs under control, while still knowing the work product will exceed expectations. No additional charges are ever applied if NRS needs to revise wetland flagging due to a state or town regulatory agency decision.

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