Soil Evaluation

Why Do I need a Soil Evaluation?

Septic Systems

Residential, municipal and commercial septic system designs vary in size, style and location as dictated by soil properties. Some of these factors include soil texture, depth to water table and depth to bedrock. While requirements for septic systems can vary from state to state, a soil evaluation is always required. In Rhode Island, these are to be performed by a licensed soil evaluator and are usually witnessed by RI Department of Environmental Management staff.

Stormwater Management

Soil evaluations performed by a licensed soil evaluator may also be performed for stormwater management design. These range in size from a simple rain garden to a large system of detention basins. Engineers can submit soil information from a licensed soil evaluator along with their system design for approval.

Breaking Ground

Typically, a test pit in the form of a trench is dug in the ground for the evaluator to enter and inspect the soil. Soil layers, or "horizons," are recorded by the evaluator and soil properties determined. If a state inspector is present, then he or she will then enter the test pit examine the soil and concur and record the findings. Following the inspection, NRS will provide a detailed letter describing the evaluation and any additional findings. GIS graphics are also provided depicting the location of each test pit for reference.

Your NRS Expert: Soil Evaluations

Edward Avizinis is the NRS staff soil scientist coordinating all soil evaluations. Edward is a Class IV soil evaluator (#D40830) recognized in the state of Rhode Island. Edward is also a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS), a national certification with the Soil Science Society of America (formerly ARCPACS) and a member of the Soil Scientists Society of Southern New England. Call or email Edward at if you have any questions about soil evaluations or to schedule one for your project site.

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