Scott Rabideau delineating a wetlands area in Rhode Island

DEM Wetland Permitting

The RI Department of Environmental Management, or the DEM, is responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations Governing the Administration and Enforcement of the Freshwater Wetlands Act.

These land-use regulations are complicated, and most landowners require help from an experienced consultant to ensure their project does not run afoul of the rules. A site inspection followed up by a wetland delineation are crucial first steps in the planning of your project.

Wetland Permitting Services from Natural Resource Services

A collection of images showing the wetlands delineation process

Site Inspections

A site inspection will provide you with an initial assessment and mapping of freshwater wetlands on the property. A site inspection is always recommended before purchasing undeveloped land. You will receive a report which provides the amount of regulated wetlands present and explains the regulatory process you will encounter if the property is purchased. Think of this as a home inspection for raw land.

Wetland Delineation

Weland delineations have always been the founation of the professional services provided by NRS. A wetland delineation is performed in accordance with the formula outlined in the wetland regulations. It requires an assessment of the vegetation, soil characteristics and hydrologic indicators present on the property. All of the buffer zone and setback requirements found in the regulations are measured from the established delineation. A wetland delineation established by a qualified professional is required on all development plans submitted to the DEM as part of an application.

Assistance with DEM Applications

NRS is available to assist you with the preparation of any application package submitted to the DEM's Freshwater Wetland Program.

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